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???? anyone who wants to can. It's not that big of a deal.

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I listen to mostly 80's pop, DNB, Rock, Electronic, Hip hop, Classical, Kpop and House. 

What do you listen to?

Do you think it influences your art?
*Sigh* I've been on my cycle for 22 straight days now, I am in pain constantly and it's not going away. I work nights (thank god it's only 4 hours), but I've missed the last 2 days of work because I've had a major headache and cramps. I have 3 cyst on my ovaries and a fluid sack behind my uterus. I am on birth control to try to correct this but I don't think it's working...I have an appointment with my GYN doctor but it's not till the 28th of this month....I don't know what I am going to do I am in so much pain and I can't take off from work anymore, Ughh this sucks so much. Sometimes I think god has it in for me since this happens quite often (I've always had bad menstrual cycles like this)....Please kill me now...
Then show me some of your work!

I will watch those who I like, Feel free to do so back

most likely if you watch me i will watch you back, but don't do it if you don't like my work.

I will also comment those who comment me and I will fave works I like as well

post 2 pieces only!

type "mustache" so I know you read this~

Thank you

Squall 2015 by BlackInfinity666 SPAE 2014 by BlackInfinity666
Koi 2014 by BlackInfinity666


Taja Brianne stewart
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte
:star: Hey there! Welcome to my page. My name is Taja Brianne AKA BlackInfinity I am a 26 year old hobby artist and writer. I’ve been drawing since I was 11 and have been writing since I was 10. I went to the Art institute of Las Vegas for 2 years, but decided school wasn’t for me. Welp I hope you enjoy my page and art. Thanks for dropping by~

Prismacolor Stamp by buyochan

Here’s some Info about me:

:bulletgreen: Anime
:bulletpurple: Manga/Comics
:bulletgreen: Horror Movies
:bulletpurple: Music
:bulletgreen: Sweets
:bulletpurple: Animals
:bulletgreen: Rpg’s
:bulletpurple: Fashion
:bulletgreen: Walking
:bulletpurple: Reading
:bulletgreen: Amusement Parks
:bulletpurple: Werewolves
:bulletgreen: Drawing
:bulletpurple: Writing
:bulletgreen: Markers
:bulletpurple: Winter
:bulletgreen: Hentai/porn
:bulletpurple: Traveling

:bulletgreen: Rude people
:bulletpurple: Abusive people
:bulletgreen: Being sick
:bulletpurple: Twilight
:bulletgreen: Animal Abusers
:bulletpurple: Liars
:bulletgreen: Weebos
:bulletpurple: Fake people
:bulletgreen: Country music
:bulletpurple: Tornadoes
:bulletgreen: Spiders
:bulletpurple: People who talk to much
:bulletgreen: Small holes
:bulletpurple: Ghetto people


:bulletred: COLOR: Turquoise blue and pink :>

:bulletorange: FOOD: Sushi, bread, cotton candy, bbq, and pasta (I like food ._.)

:bulletyellow: MOVIE: Twister!!, Fright Night, The Howling, American Werewolf in London/Paris, Hellraiser ~(*o*)~

:bulletgreen: MUSIC: Dubstep/House/Rock/Hiphop/Metal/ Jrock/Jpop/80’s/instrumental

:bulletblue: BAND/GROUP/SINGER: Daft punk, Eiffle 65, System Of A Down, Disturbed, Lupe Fiasco, Ayumi Hamasaki, Mord Fustang

:bulletpurple: SONG: Currently ERR…IDK, but move your body by Eiffle 65 was my favorite song for years >_>

:bulletpink: BOOK: Cirque Du Freak, Vampirates, Demonata, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry potter

:bulletblack: ANIME: Parasyte the maxim, HunterxHunter, Magi, Tokyo Ghoul, Seven Deadly Sins, Death Parade,Tenchi muyo, Sailor moon, Kaleido Star, Pretear, Death Note, Code geass, Trinity blood, Trigun, Cowboy bebop, Neon Genisis Evangelion, Baki the grappler, One piece, Shaman King, Yugioh (>_>), Boys over flowers, Ghost hunt, Kyo Kara Maoh, Ninja Scroll, Basalisk, Zoids, Kenichi The mightiest disciple, Tenjho Tenge, Steel angel Kurumi, Samurai Champloo, Sorcerer hunters, Slayers, Rune Soldier, Monster rancher, Petshop of horrors, Hellsing, Ghost hunt, Prince of tennis, Big whinedup, Gundam wing, Getbackers, shadow skill, Hikaru no go, GTO, Desert Punk, Blue seed, Case closed, Daphne in the brilliant blue, Case closed, Speed Grapher, Betterman, Air gear, Witch hunter robin, XXXholic, Tsubasa Chronicles, 3x3 eyes, bio hunter, dirty pair, Zatch bell, The Melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, Spirited away, howls moving castle, berserk, GGundam, DBZ, Ronin Warriors, Cyborg 009, Fullmetal Alchemist, Full Metal panic, FLCL, Claymore, Guyver, Hajime no ippo, Toward the terra, Inuyasha, Supernatural, Godannar, Antique Bakery, Magic Knight rayearth, Vampire Knight, Saiyuki, Pokemon (Yes I do like it, kiss my ass), Darker than black, My Z hime, Princess Mononoke, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Ouran high school host club, Law of ueki, Utawarerumono, The story of Saiunkoku, Black cat, Paradise kiss, Azumanga Daioh, Ranma ½, Kodocha, Tactics, Full moon, Paprika, Noein, Nanaka 6/17, Golgo 13, Ghost Stories, Black blood brothers, Jyu-Oh_sei, Karas, Rurouni Kenshin, Mythical Detective Ragnarok Loki, Gantz, Spiral, S-CRYED, Peacemaker Kurogane, Jing King of bandits, Angelic Layer, Panty/Stocking…..OMG TOO MANY :iconohshitplz:

:bulletwhite: MANGA: Berserk, Getbackers, Skip beat, black birds, dragon eye, MPD psycho, Kitchen princess, Franken fran, Grappler baki, Battle Royale, Beauty pop, girl got game, hands off, legal drug, chobits, hot gimmick, honey hunt, nana

:bulletred: CHARACTER: Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo), Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha),

:bulletorange: TV SHOW: Rocko’s modern life, American Dad, King of the hill, Family guy, Venture bros, Spongebob Square pants, Ghost whisperer, Dexter, Law/order SVU, Psych, Grim, AMNTM, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Angry beavers, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Powerpuff girls, Loony toons, The loony toons show, tiny toon adventures, the chipmunks, Tom and Jerry, Tosh.O, Louie, How not to live your life, Spaced, Keeping up appearances, Jekyll, Hexed, House, Fringe, Jersey shore, Doctor who, Being human (Original), Beast wars, Teen Titans, Blood Ties, True Blood,

:bulletyellow: VIDEO GAME: Final Fantasy (VIII,IX, X, X-2,XIII) Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario, Okami, Sonic The hedgehog 2, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, Little Big Planet, Tekken, Bloody roar, Mortal Kombat, God of war

:bulletgreen: WRITER: Stephen king

:bulletblue: ARTIST: Hyung Tae Kim, Tetsuya Nomura

:bulletpurple: MEDIUM: Markers

:bulletpink: ANIMAL: White tigers, Puppies, kittens, Wolves


:bulletpink: I’m Pansexual

:bulletblue: I have a fear of driving

:bulletpink: I almost died when I was 3, because my father threw me into the deep end of a pool when

:bulletblue: I’m always sick

:bulletpink: my fourth toe on both of my feet are stunted, meaning they are as short as my pinkie toe >_>

:bulletblue: I can’t ride a bike ._.

:bulletpink: My initial reason for getting into art was to beat one of my friends at drawing

:bulletblue: I’ve only had one real job in my life

:bulletpink: I live with my parents (I used to live with my bf , for like 4 years)

:bulletblue: I used to sleep walk
Hello all. I don't know if some of you realized that I came back or not, but just in case you didn't know...I am back lol I will be posting every saturday so check that out. It's been about three years so hows everyone doing.
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: Mord Fustang: Supahfever
  • Reading: Gintama
  • Watching: Castle

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